Retrieving Magnets

Underwater Retrieving Magnets						 Underwater Retrieving Magnets
A “Must Have” for all Boaters and Fishermen!


  • Grade 8A Ceramic Magnets
  • High-Power Pole Configuration
  • Thick Pole Shoes for Maximum Holding Power
  • 3 Sizes/Strengths to Fit Many Applications
  • From 150 to 500 lbs. Holding Power
  • Custom Sizing Available

Here at IPES International Inc. we are your number one provider for industrial magnets. Our retrieving magnets are designed for heavy duty and underwater use. Our retrieving magnets will recover lost equipment, keys, tools, fishing tackle or any other metal object that can fall into deep water, wells or holes.

Our underwater retrieving magnets are perfect for boaters as they can retract many unforeseen metal objects. These underwater retrieving magnets are a must have for all boaters and fisherman, you won’t believe what they can find.

Our magnetic retrieving devices are easy to use and come in handy in difficult situations. Once you’ve attached the object you’re looking for to our magnetic retrieving devices, to remove the captured object all you have to do is simply twist and pull the object from the magnet. They work like glue, but are not going to be hard to remove the collected debris.

Our retrieving magnet collection features grade 8A ceramic magnets, high-power pole configuration, thick pole shoes for maximum holding power, three sizes and strengths to fit many applications and from 150 to 500lbs holding power. We even have custom sizing available.

All of our recovery magnets are reasonably priced and designed to last a lifetime. With their strength and durability, they serve as the perfect industrial tool. All of our industrial retrieving magnets will leave you amazed at just how many objects they can find and how much weight they can hold.

Retrieving Magnets – Designed for heavy-duty and underwater use, these high-power retrieving magnets will recover lost equipment, keys, tools, fishing tackle or any ferrous metal objects that may fall into deep water, wells or holes. To remove captured objects, simply twist and pull object from magnet.

Holding & Retrieving Magnets



Model Size Weight Holding Power




6″ x 3″ x 2.75″ 

6″ x 6″ x 3.75″ 

8″ x 6″ x 3.75″

6 lbs. 

20 lbs. 

25 lbs.

150 lbs. 

250 lbs. 

500 lbs