3 Reasons to Consider Investing in a Standard Magnetic Broom for Your Business

Why should you invest in a standard magnetic broom for your business?

First, the magnet is strong enough to pull up lots of debris on the floor. It beats picking up tools and metal objects one-by-one, for sure. Clean up is a breeze.

Next, you can take the collected debris and recycle it. You’d be amazed at how scrap metal, which normally would have been thrown out and forgotten, can be instead recycled and make some money– a win-win situation for the environment and for profit!

Magnetic brooms are also good to pick up nails and other junk that could put punctures/holes in vehicle tires. Do you want your forklift to get a flat? Nope. You don’t want to spend your time repairing flat tires when you could be making money. Therefore, a quick sweep with the magnetic broom can pick up stuff that would otherwise cause problems on the floor.

IPES International offers the TMPB1 magnetic broom with quick clean tray which features high grade Ceramic-8 magnets. Made of aluminum, the broom has heavy duty solid rubber tires, lubed-for-life wheel bearings, and an EZ release tray for quick debris removal.

Made in the USA, IPES International’s magnetic brooms are quality items that should be in every factory, warehouse and plant to make sweeping up a cinch!

By the way, IPES offers brooms in various sizes, including 24 inches wide up to 60 inches wide. These sturdy, durable magnetic brooms make every workplace easier to clean. Call IPES at 412-781-4660 to ask about buying magnetic brooms for your workplace today.