Crossbelt Magnets Can Be Great Additions For Conveyor Systems

Crossbelt ElectromagnetsThere’s no doubt that the conveyor system is one of the most important and influential inventions of the industrial era. It gives us the ability to create a constant flow of material from one location to the next. As with any great invention, conveyor systems have also led to some new, unforeseen problems that need yet another invention to solve. This is part of what keeps innovation moving and society improving.

Crossbelt magnets are an answer to one of these problems. While conveyors are great at moving supplies, materials, and debris, from point A to point B, they need help discriminating between what belongs on the belt and what doesn’t. Crossbelt magnets are part of the solution.

Also known as suspended magnets, crossbelt magnets hang above belt conveyors, usually right round the discharge of the head pulley. As the belt moves below, unwanted metal is pulled up and out of the material. Of course, this leads to a more efficient working environment. Adjustments and improvements can then be made to make the crossbelt magnets operate even more effectively. Crossbelt magnets use powerful, oversized plate magnets.

There are different types of crossbelt magnets, but one feature that really separates them is the method of cleaning them. Some clean themselves by automatically discharging unwanted material after drawing it out. Other crossbelt magnets do the same great job separating, but they need to be cleaned of debris manually. There are also a variety of other options, including size, motor, and the choice between permanent and electromagnetic functionality.

If you and your company are looking for a reliable way to improve your conveyor system operations, give IPES International a call today to see if crossbelt magnets might be the answer.