TMPB2 Deluxe Magnetic Broom

Magnetic Push Broom

Rolling Magnet Sweeper with Handle Release

These high power magnetic brooms makes it easy to clean parking lots, warehouse floors, construction sites and other worksites and prevent damage or harm from foreign object damage (FOD). TMPB2 deluxe magnetic brooms are fast and easy to use and can secure your worksite or parking lot easily with a few simple sweeps. With three different models of rolling magnetic sweepers to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for your workplace or parking lot.

IPES International provides the highest level of craftsmanship and product performance with each item we design and manufacture. Superior construction and design allows our sweepers to out-perform and outlast other models. The focused ceramic 8A magnets catch stray metals across the floor or parking lot while the steel housing protects the magnets from weather and damage. Solid rubber tires easily traverse rough terrain, cracks in asphalt or breaks in concrete without damage while picking up metal debris.

The handle release mechanism makes this powerful rolling magnetic sweeper easy to discharge the accumulated tramp metal. Choose a size to cover your lot or worksite and contact us to place an order.

  • High Grade Ceramic-8A Magnets
  • Heavy-Duty Solid Rubber Tires
  • Lubed For Life Wheel Bearings
  • Handle Release for Debris Removal
  • Durable Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Easily Picks Up Blast Shot !!

Model Width Weight
TMPB2-24 24″ 50 lbs.
TMPB2-36 36″ 70 lbs.
TMPB2-48 48″ 90 lbs.

Industrial Rolling Magnetic Nail SweeperSimply pull handle and accumulated metal debris releases!
We offer the highest level of craftsmanship and product performance. Our sweepers will out-perform and out-last the others.

TMPB2 Deluxe Magnetic Brooms