Electro-Magnetic Separators Aid Businesses in Many Industries

Electro-Magnetic SeparatorsIPES International makes electro-magnetic separators, which use copper or aluminum coils with Class H insulation and direct current to create a strong magnetic field, therefore separating ferrous material from non-ferrous material during crushing, screening and sorting industrial processes.

 Electro-magnetic separators can be designed to work well in unusual processing conditions and hazardous environments. IPES uses heavy-duty neoprene (or an optional armor clad belt) traveling around the magnet, carrying ferrous material upward, away and into collecting hoppers or onto the ground.

 Designed to provide long-term, trouble-free operation, IPES’ electro-magnetic separators are typically installed in-line or cross-belt, either above a head pulley or conveyor belt. They come with the required rectifier to power the magnet.

 Furthermore, IPES’ electro-magnets are available in either self-cleaning or manual cleaning configurations, depending on your needs.

 Electro-magnetic separators are ideal for aggregate, concrete, asphalt, scrap yard, and tire recycling, as well as coal, slag and wood processing. They also do well in crushing and shredding applications.

 IPES can customize electro-magnets based on an application evaluation. Belt width, belt speed, burden depth and the size of tramp ferrous are all taken into account. IPES also needs to know if you have a magnet preference, cleaning method preference, and details about your available power supply.

 Offering a four pulley design, solid steel core, a NEMA 12 terminal box, and a three year warranty against coil burnout, IPES’ electro-magnetic separators come in a variety of sizes and strengths. An explosion-proof configuration and/or stainless steel clad belt are also available options.

 To get a quote on the proper size magnet for your application, call IPES International at 1-877-781-4660 today.