Four Ways IPES International Can Make Your Industrial Business More Efficient

IPES MagneticsAnyone who’s ever worked in the industrial sector knows the importance of efficiency. At its core, efficiency is all about conserving the valuable resources you have. These resources are often in human form, but other times they are inanimate objects, like supplies and equipment. Some resources are intangible and more difficult to measure.

 To demonstrate how much our magnetic sweepers and brooms can improve efficiency at your industrial business, it’s important to look at the full spectrum of resources, and how IPES International can help you to save each one.


This is the one that gets the most immediate attention. The most obvious way that a magnetic sweeper or broom can save you money is the prevention of damage to other equipment. If you’re constantly repairing and replacing flat tires, costs can add up quickly. Our magnetic sweepers and brooms are of the highest quality, and one initial investment will surely pay off over the long haul. You’ll also greatly on labor costs by automating much of the cleanup.


This one barely falls into its own category, as all business owners live by the motto that time is money. Because magnetic sweepers and brooms do a great deal of the work on their own, cleaning a factory will take far less time, giving you more minutes and hours to do actual work.


While many workers cower in fear at the idea of their work being automated, there are plenty of exceptions. Your staff will most likely thank you for saving them from painstakingly clearing the floor of hazardous debris. Not only will they be in a better mood, they’ll also have much more energy leftover to perform other duties. You won’t need more energy to power your equipment either, since a magnetic sweeper can be attached directly to an existing forklift.


Ask anyone who’s tried one of our magnetic sweepers or brooms; they are very thorough. Your employees will traverse your factory or warehouse with confidence, free from the worry of injury by way of sharp metal objects. They’re not the only ones. You won’t lie awake at night fearing a workplace injury that could cost money and tarnish your company’s reputation.

If you’d like to learn more about how IPES International can save your precious resources and improve the efficiency of your industrial business, give us a call today.