How are industrial magnets used?

Industrial MagnetsIPES International is an American company based in Pittsburgh making industrial magnets used in a wide variety of industries. Magnets have the power to do heavy lifting that would otherwise break most men’s backs.

Magnets can be used to lift, move and drop heavy loads. The shipping, manufacturing and construction industries often rely on industrial magnets to get the big jobs done, like moving beams and pipes.

Industrial magnets are often used in conveyor and chute systems to separate ferrous materials from non-ferrous materials. In the mining industry, for example, magnets separate metals from ore. They can also be used in recycling centers where plastic, glass, and other items need to be separated from any stray ferrous material.

Magnetic sweepers can be used to pick up ferrous materials from the floors of industrial factories and construction sites. In a place where things like nails, pins, and other sharp metallic objects fall to the ground and could cause flat tires, a magnetic sweeper can quickly and efficiently pick up any waste/scrap from floors.

One of the uses of industrial magnets that most people don’t think about too often is for getting items from under water. When it’s hard to see down to the bottom of a river, lake or ocean floor, sending a magnet down there can retrieve items during salvage operations.

IPES makes retrieving magnets, lifting magnets, tow behind magnets, magnetic sweepers and other items, customized for your industrial needs. Call 877-781-4660 to find out how IPES can help your company work smarter with magnets.