How Do Magnetic Sweepers Work?

Magnetic Sweepers Is there always metal debris scattered around inside of your industrial facility? Alternatively, do you often work on job sites that feature metal debris strewn about all over the ground? A magnetic sweeper would really come in handy for you if you fall into either of these categories. Magnetic sweepers are incredibly useful tools for those who work with metals on a regular basis as they can keep facilities and job sites safe. Here is how magnetic sweepers work.

They contain a lot of magnetic force.

In order for magnetic sweepers to work properly, they obviously need to be jam-packed with plenty of magnetic force. The pull force of the magnets located in a magnetic sweeper will ultimately determine how much metal they can pick up. The size of a magnetic sweeper isn’t always indicative of its pull force. There are some small magnetic sweepers that can pick up a lot of metal and some large magnetic sweepers that can only handle smaller pieces of metal.

They attract things made out of ferromagnetic materials.

Magnetic sweepers are able to pick up anything that contains ferromagnetic material in it. For a material to be considered ferromagnetic, it needs to contain some element of nickel, cobalt, iron, or gadolinium. As long as metal has one of those elements in it, a magnetic sweeper will attract it and hold it when you run the sweeper over it.

They come in a variety of different forms.

Most magnetic sweepers operate in the same basic way. But magnetic sweepers come in many different shapes, sizes, and forms. For example, there are standard magnetic sweepers, suspended magnetic sweepers, tow behind magnetic sweepers, deluxe magnetic sweepers, and more. The type of metal that you plan on picking up should play a role in which magnetic sweeper you choose.

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