How to Find the Right Magnetic Sweeper for Your Business

Industrial Rolling Magnetic Nail Sweeper

Just like homeowners use vacuums on their carpets to pick up “stuff” that somehow found its way to the ground and needs to be cleared away, construction sites use magnetic sweepers to clean up loose nails, bolts, screws and magnetic fragments. Magnetic sweepers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are push-type sweepers used to collect screws and other small items in places like assembly workshops and warehouses.

So what are some things to consider when choosing a magnetic sweeper?

Carrying Capacity

Basically, you want to know that the sweeper you choose is going to be able to handle the job(s) you have in mind. You want the sweeper to be sturdy and powerful enough to pull-up metal from where you sweep. So what’s the carrying capacity of the model you’d like to buy? How many pounds can it handle? How strong is its magnet?

Quality Manufacturing

The quality of your chosen magnetic sweeper matters. You want one with treaded wheels so it’ll work well in slick or rugged situations. The handle shouldn’t be too heavy or too flimsy. A sweeper is essentially a tool you’ll use to accomplish a job. You want one that’s good quality– that won’t easily break or fall apart. Just like with most things, cheap sweepers may work but not last a long time, whereas you pay a little more, and you have a sweeper that’ll last longer.

The Right Base Width

Consider how wide a base you’d want for your sweeper. Do you want it to be fairly narrow or extra wide? How many inches of width is ideal for your needs? Can it make it through doorways without a problem? Is it easy to manually clean off?

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