Keep Your Parking Lot Clean With Magnetic Sweepers

Magnetic SweepersLittle boys often play with little boy toys, like Tonka dump trucks and Matchbox cars. Big boys, however, get to “play” with big toys, and one of those cool, fun “toys” to use is a suspended magnetic sweeper broom.

IPES International makes magnetic sweepers that can be mounted on yard-trucks, push-tugs, or the counterweight of forklifts. These strong and durable magnetic sweepers do a lot of work on behalf of their users, picking up foreign objects that might otherwise damage tires.

Time is money and the last thing a company wants is down-time due to their machines having flat tires. IPES International’s suspended magnetic sweepers use an exclusive magnetic circuitry that guarantees the strongest magnetic power on the market today, making sure junk that could damage tires gets picked up by the sweeper before it could do damage to tires.

Foreign object damage costs companies a lot of money. Airport ground crews, for example, want to minimize those costs, so they are a chief buyer of IPES International’s suspended magnetic sweepers. The TMRS2-36 model works well on airport tugs, always functioning as the machine goes about its daily duties.

For use on grass, gravel, dirt and even rough terrain, magnetic sweepers are great for picking up tramp metal and shot recovery. Plus, IPES’ sweepers can have optional fork pockets, skid wheels and quick clean trays, depending on your specific needs. Sweepers also come in tow-behind models, too.

“Cleaning up” is not always a person’s favorite thing to do in life, but it can be fun when magnetic sweepers are involved—it’s interesting to see what they pick up and how much they can handle, right? Call IPES International at 1-877-781-4660 to discuss your suspended magnetic sweeper needs.