Magnet Sweepers Benefit Companies in Many Industries

Lifting MagnetsIPES International’s Magnetic Division makes and sells products that help a myriad of industries. Powerful magnets incorporated into sweeper bars and other devices have the ability to pick up and/or recover ferrous materials. If you’re running an operation where materials need to be separated or picked up, consider utilizing IPES’ magnetic products. IPES’ powerful lifting magnets, for example, have a 500 to 3000+ pound lifting capacity—talk about strong!

If you’re not familiar with the term ferrous, it means a material contains iron. In general, iron and steel are magnetic.

Magnets, therefore, are used to do a variety of jobs, such as separating steels cans out from other materials at recycling facilities, or picking up nails and other objects from parking lots and airport runways so tires don’t get damaged. Magnets save people and businesses a lot of time and money because they do the job that would normally require hundreds of hands searching for and removing certain pieces from a line or floor of various materials and debris.

IPES International’s products are versatile. They’re utilized in the food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries. They can also be applied to tire and rubber recycling, shot recovery, and minerals processing.

Deluxe magnetic sweeper brooms from IPES, for instance, can be pushed around by a person in a place such as a factory or mechanic’s garage. All sorts of magnetic debris can be picked up in one good sweep, saving time and money—the collected debris can then be recycled for money.

Industries who need magnetic products can call IPES International at 1-877-781-4660. Located in Pittsburgh, PA, IPES can create custom-designed products to meet your specific industrial needs.