Make it Easier to Separate Materials with Magnetic Tubes and Grate Magnets

There’s a popular TV show called Gold Rush where a bunch of wannabe gold miners head up to Alaska and The Yukon to see if they can dig for—and find—gold. It’s fascinating to see them dump tons of rocks and dirt into their industrial wash plant, where tiny little specks of gold can get caught in a “miner’s moss,” and the miners can sell it to make lots of money.

Tube MagnetsThe key to a gold miner getting gold is their ability to separate materials—they don’t want the mud or the rocks—they want the gold!

Have you heard of grate magnets and magnetic tubes? They’re used in several industries where users want to separate materials.Grate Magnets

Products flow over magnetic tubes where captured metal contaminants are pushed to the underside of the tube, and therefore out of contact with the product flow. The metal contaminants don’t wash off back into the clean material.

Grate magnets can be placed in the flowing product stream, catching metal contaminants, while the rest of the product flows through.

IPES International manufactures and sells Ceramic-8A and Rare Earth-Neodymium magnetic tubes and grate magnets. Rare Earth-Neodymium tubes and grates have the power to remove micron-sized particles from a product flow. IPES uses T304 stainless steel welded construction, and offers food grade and pharmaceutical grade finishes.

Do you have a hopper, bin or chute application where ferrous tramp metal separation is the goal? If so, contact IPES International, which has a wide variety of grate sizes and shapes available.