Conveyor Magnet Options From IPES International

IPES International makes conveyor magnets to remove ferrous steel and other magnetic materials during burdens on fast-moving conveyors. Conveyor magnets aid with shredded tire processing, pallet recycling, processing at MRF’s, wood/plastic recycling, and dealing with crushed or broken stone. IPES uses exclusive magnetic circuitry featuring high-grade Ceramic-8A magnetic material. With complete stainless steel magnet housing, IPES’ conveyor magnets are extremely durable. By the way– IPES offers a lifetime warranty on magnetic strength, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Permanent magnets do not require power for operation. Self-cleaning models, however, do require power, in order to operate their belt.

Conveyor MagnetsSelf-cleaning models feature a TEFC 2 or 5 horsepower motor and either a heavy-duty 2-ply neoprene belt or optional Armor Clad belt. The belt travels around the self-cleaning model and carries the ferrous material upward, away and into the collecting hoppers or onto the ground. These units, which use precision crowned pulleys and tracking adjusters on the tail pulley, are typically installed either in-line or cross-belt.

The manual cleaning models, on the other hand, are cleaned by physically removing the debris or by using an optional stripper tray. Using permanent separator magnets, they are designed to provide long-term, trouble-free operation.

Various applications require permanent magnets in different sizes and strengths, and IPES International can supply them, based on an application evaluation. By knowing information like belt width, belt speed, burden depth and the size of recoverable ferrous, IPES International can customize conveyor magnet(s) to your specifications. Call 1-877-781-4660 to discuss your conveyor magnet needs today.