Protect Your Industrial Machines with Magnetic Tubes and Grates

Grate MagnetsFill in the blank: in the old days, when a knight went to war and wanted to protect himself from incoming swords he used a _____. If you said “shield,” you’re right. Shields have been protecting men for centuries.

Today, it’s not typical to see knights walking around Pittsburgh or any other city carrying shields, but our world today does need certain shield-like grates to protect us from harm in other ways.

For instance, the food processing and pharmaceutical industries both need to make sure harmful substances are “caught” during product flow so they don’t end up in the final products.

That’s where IPES International’s Ceramic-8A and Rare Earth-Neodymium magnetic tubes and grates come into play. For instance, IPES’ Neodymium tubes and grates remove micron-sized particles from product flow, therefore making sure no ferrous metal gets through. Constructed with T304 stainless steel, and using food grade and pharmaceutical grade finishes, IPES’ round, square or rectangular grates can be customized for your industry’s hopper, bin and chute applications.

IPES’ tube magnets can be welded to stainless steel framing at several locations along the product flow route. Welding them like that means they won’t rotate, flex or break away—in other words, they’ll do exactly what they’re designed to do, without problems.

IPES’ magnetic tubes and grates are also applicable to chemical processing, minerals processing, shot recovery and tire/rubber recycling.

When you need something to catch ferrous material and tiny particles, IPES has the magnetic solution.

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