Protect Your Parking Lot From Nails and Debris with Tow Behind Magnetic FOD Sweepers

IPES International sells super duty tow-behind magnetic FOD sweepers. The FOD part stands for “foreign object damage,” and the sweepers’ job is to prevent foreign objects like nails from damaging other things going over the ground such as tires. For instance, an airport would want to use a sweeper to clean off the runway, getting rid of anything that could puncture a hole in a plane’s landing gear tires.

There are two types of IPES sweepers available to help you avoid costly tire and equipment repairs: industrial grade and military grade.

When you need to do a clean sweep of a large area such as a parking lot or city/rural roads, and you want to get rid of ferrous metal debris, you’d want to tow a magnetic sweeper that’ll pick up debris quickly and efficiently. The industrial tow behind magnetic sweeper can travel up to 30 miles-per-hour with a proper operating speed of up to 15 miles-per-hour. Using a magnetic sweeper sure beats picking up metal debris by hand! The IPES units are available in 4, 6 or 8-foot widths, and come with high grade Ceramic-8A magnet material as well as heavy duty tires to get the job done well.

MilitaryTowIf you need a more rugged unit, the military grade tow behind sweeper can handle travel speeds up to 55 miles-per-hour. With a reinforced frame, the military grade sweeper is made to take serious abuse; it was designed for hard usage encountered in military service.

IPES International operates out of Pittsburgh, PA, and if you’d like to ask about sweeper specifics, don’t hesitate to call IPES at 412-781-4660 or toll free at 877-781-4660.