Magnetic Sweeper & Broom / Pickup Tool

TMRS Series Magnetic Sweepers & Magnetic Brooms with unsurpassed quality and performance guaranteed!

“Don’t get Nailed! STOP Expensive Tire Repairs”

IPES International is the premier provider of top-quality magnetic sweepers and magnetic brooms.  With dozens of models and configurations to choose from, you can find the ideal sweeper for your facility.  Magnetic floor sweepers and magnetic pickup tools remove leftover metal debris and objects from parking lots, processing floors, warehouses and other expansive surfaces with ease.

Screws, nails, metal shards and other sharp objects can easily become lost and get loose on the floor or in the lot.  These objects can become lodged in tires or in finished products, ruining expensive equipment or contaminating processed materials.  IPES International supplies a variety of magnetic sweepers to complement your equipment and location.  Use magnetic sweepers with your equipment to clean the factory floor at the end of the day, super strength magnetic sweepers for fine debris, bar magnets, permanent magnetic brooms, magnetic road sweepers and more for any building or terrain around your worksite.

Find a high-power magnetic sweeper with the highest level of craftsmanship and product performance.  Find the design you are looking for online or contact us to find a particular model.

Magnetic Sweeper Mounted on an Airport Tug

Magnetic Sweepers – Suspended Type

Magnetic Sweepers – TMRS Series TMRS1 Standard Magnetic Sweepers – TMRS2 Super Strength Magnetic Sweepers Whether it be an airport, a spacious parking lot or any business where unwanted tramp metal may appear, it’s likely that you clean debris from the ground each and every day. When the debris is a sharp item such as… Read more »

Tow Behind Magnet Mounted on a Pickup Truck

Tow Behind Magnetic Sweepers

TMRS1 Standard Strength & TMRS2 Super Strength Tow Behind Magnets Magnetic Nail Sweeper | Tow-Behind Magnets | IPES International Make cleaning the parking lot of your factory floor a seamless task with a Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper from IPES International. Renowned for their power and durability, our TMRS1 Standard Strength & TMRS2 Super Strength are… Read more »

Heavy Duty Tow Behind FOD Magnets

Tow Behind Super-Duty FOD Magnets

Super Duty Tow-Behind Magnetic FOD Sweepers Prevent Foreign Object Damage – Avoid Costly Tire and Equipment Repairs Prevent foreign object damage (FOD) and avoid costly tire and equipment repairs with heavy duty tow behind magnets from IPES International. FOD magnets extract tramp metal, screws, nails, springs, shards and other pieces that can get lost across… Read more »

TMPB1 Standard Magnetic Broom

Standard Magnetic Brooms

TMPB1 Magnetic Broom with Quick Clean Tray Magnetic brooms are the easiest and most reliable method for keeping your workplace clean and safe. IPES International specializes in magnetic brooms and magnetic sweepers to keep tramp metal and magnetic debris from endangering your worksite. The magnetic rakes with quick-clean trays provide exceptional durability and effortless cleaning… Read more »

Industrial Rolling Magnetic Nail Sweeper

Deluxe Magnetic Brooms

TMPB2 Deluxe Magnetic Broom with Handle Release These high power magnetic brooms makes it easy to clean parking lots, warehouse floors, construction sites and other worksites and prevent damage or harm from foreign object damage (FOD). TMPB2 deluxe magnetic brooms are fast and easy to use and can secure your worksite or parking lot easily… Read more »

About Our Magnetic Sweepers

Superior quality, performance and durability have made us an Industry leader in Magnetic Sweepers. IPES International builds powerful, reliable and long-lasting magnetic sweepers at an affordable price. The TMRS series magnetic sweeper bars are among the most popular models for keeping parking lots and work-sites clean, with a reinforced frame and powerful magnetic circuitry to… Read more »