The Advantages of Magnetic Head Pulleys

Magnetic Pulleys
>Magnetic head pulleys (also known as magnetic separation pulleys) perform an important function, attracting ferrous metals and debris out of product flow so you get clean product and the “extra junk” doesn’t damage equipment. By placing magnetic head pulleys in the appropriate spot on a conveyor belt system, they effectively remove ferrous metal and discharge tramp material into a chute or collection bin for disposal or recycling. In other words, they help ensure junk is separated from clean product.

IPES International of Pittsburgh, PA, offers custom magnetic head pulleys used in a wide variety of industries, including processing at MRF’s and shredded tire processing. Magnetic head pulleys can also be found in portable crushing plants, as well as places dealing with crushed or broken stone. Seeing as we live in a world where recycling is increasingly important, magnetic head pulleys play an important role when it comes to the processing of glass, pallets, wood and plastic for recycling purposes.

Using a flat or crowned pulley face, IPES’ magnetic head pulleys are available in four hub styles: recessed, flush, extended and/or no hubs. Choose from a smooth or lagged surface, and a fixed shaft or no shaft. IPES’ quality magnetic head pulleys feature precision machined keyways as well as taper locks and set screws.

Made of Rare Earth-Neodymium or Ceramic-8, IPES’ powerful magnets can be sized according to their needed application(s). An evaluation can be done to check your belt width, belt speed, burden depth and the size of recoverable ferrous materials in order that IPES can customize the magnetic head pulley(s) to your specific needs.

To discuss your magnetic head pulley needs, call IPES at 412-781-4660.