The Advantages of TMRS Series Magnetic Sweepers

TMRS SeriesWhen you’ve got a job to do, IPES International has TMRS-series magnetic sweepers that are the strongest sweepers, guaranteed. Designed for heavy-duty work, with maximum durability and the highest possible power attainable for this type of magnetic sweeper, IPES’ TMRS-series magnetic sweepers include the TMRS1-36 and the TMRS2-36.

IPES’ TMRS1-36 magnetic sweeper works well mounted on the counterweight of a forklift.

The magnet is always working while the forklift goes about its daily routine. Meanwhile, the  TMRS2-36 magnetic sweeper, which can be mounted on an airport tug, has proven to be very popular with airlines and airport ground crews who use it to prevent costly foreign object damage.

By utilizing powerful magnetic sweepers made with high-grade Ceramic 8A magnetic material, you can avoid costly down time, delays and flat tires since you won’t have to worry about foreign object damage. IPES’ sweepers mount on forklifts, push tugs, yard truck and other maintenance vehicles. Available with optional fork pockets, skid wheels and quick clean trays, they’re versatile and can handle recovering tramp metal from a variety of surfaces, including grass, gravel and dirt.

When used between 3 and 5 inches from the ground, and driven at speeds between 3 and 7 miles-per-hour, IPES’ magnetic sweepers are extremely effective. They can be towed behind vehicles, and come in a variety of sizes and weights, from 45 pounds up to 200 pounds.

You’ve got stuff to pick up– IPES has magnetic sweepers to get the job done! Call IPES International in Pittsburgh at 412-781-4660 to get a quote for your magnetic sweeper needs today.