The Benefits of Fork Mount Magnetic Sweepers

Fork Mounted Forklift Sweeper

Do you have a forklift that has been awkwardly running over debris? Consider using fork mount magnets to avoid flat tires! These types of magnetic sweepers will pick up metal debris before you run over it. They can be used to keep outdoor gravel or dirt yards free of metal debris. Easily attachable, you can quickly sweep up metal debris with a fork mount magnet and then lift it up over a scrap bin to clean it off. 

Fork Mount Magnetic Sweepers

IPES International offers hanging magnetic sweepers that can be mounted on fork trucks, yard trucks, spotters, and/or airport tugs. These sweepers pick up metal objects from work areas while operators drive around, keeping floors and grounds free and clear of metal objects that could cause problems such as flat tires. 

Fork mounted magnetic sweepers are designed to hook up to the counterweight of your forklift. They can also slide directly onto forks. Sitting just a few inches off the ground once they’re attached, you can expect the Ceramic-8 magnets to powerfully pick up metal objects they come across. This is helpful because you can let the sweeper do the job of picking up objects rather than asking employees to pick objects up manually. 

Fork mount magnets pick up things like nails, screws, scrap metal and more. Your floors/grounds will be more safe when you utilize fork mount magnetic sweepers from IPES International. 

Our sweepers feature convenient pockets that allow a forklift operator to attach a mounted sweeper to their forklift in just a few seconds. We have sweepers available in a variety of sizes, from 24 inches to 108 inches wide. You can choose between a TMRS1 Standard Strength magnet or a TMRS Series Super Strength magnet depending on your needs. 

For info about forklift magnetic sweepers and/or fork mounted sweeper attachments for vehicles to be used in and around commercial or industrial buildings, please call IPES International at 877-781-4660 for more information.