The Standard Magnetic Broom vs. The Deluxe Magnetic Broom

Standard Magnetic BroomIPES International of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, makes an industrial-strength standard magnetic broom that will literally sweep up your magnetic items off the floor. The “TMPB1” standard magnetic broom uses high grade Ceramic-8 magnets to get the job done efficiently. Using all aluminum construction, heavy duty solid rubber tires, and “lubed-for-life” wheel bearings, it’s a well-constructed, very durable item worth owning, especially if you have a lot of debris to pick up around the shop , workspace and/or parking lot. The standard magnetic broom comes with an EZ release tray for quick debris removal.

For those of you who need extra magnetic power, the “TMPB2” deluxe magnetic broom uses strong DeluxeBroomCeramic-8A magnets. Made of strontium carbonate and iron oxide, these magnets are known for their good balance of magnetic strength and resistance to demagnetization. The all-welded
TMPB2 comes with a handle release for debris removal. The deluxe broom works best for picking up and then releasing heavy steel debris. It even picks up blast shot, easily.

Proudly made in the USA, IPES International’s standard and deluxe magnetic brooms are used in warehouses, car repair shops and other industrial workplaces all over the country. When a company has to sweep up stuff, they know they can rely on IPES International’s well-made brooms to help get the job done right the first time!