There Are Few Limits to What You Can Do With Industrial Magnets

MagnetsIndustrial magnets have many uses. One of the more recent developments in using magnet technology to make people’s lives easier involves something called the “MagBak Case.”

Thanks to a successful crowd-sourced funding run on Kickstarter, where everyday people financially back projects they believe in to make them a reality, the MagBak Case is an iPhone case which uses an industrial magnet to attach the iPhone to anything magnetic. Therefore, rather than buying and installing a special mount for your iPhone in your vehicle, you can just let the MagBak Case be the mount.

Besides using a MagBak Case to stick your iPhone on to your car dashboard, you can use it to magnetically stick your device on to your fridge at home.

How does this work? Well, MagBak incorporates industrial strength, rare-earth magnets and a small piece of aluminum to make an instant mount point for the case. It’s versatile and allows the iPhone to be mounted in either the portrait or landscape orientation.

Critics would say, “Wouldn’t the magnet mess with credit card strips and vice versa?” Thankfully, no. MagBak Case’s magnets are properly spread out and isolated by a layer of silicone so they’re designed to function as intended without causing trouble in everyday use.

Priced under $40, the MagBak Case serves as a good example of one of the many uses of industrial magnets in today’s society. And it’s an in-demand product, judging by its Kickstarter success, where more than 3,500 backers pledged $206,450 to help its creator bring this dynamic case to the market.

This is just one example of how industrial magnets can be of use to businesses in a wide range of industries. For more information about the industrial magnets that IPES International sells, please contact us today.

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