Things to Know About Magnetic Separators

How much do you know about magnetic separators? Basically, when you want to remove impurities and/or other magnetic materials from metal, you can use a magnet to separate things out. Typically, magnetic separators can be used before, during or after the production of a material. They can also be adjusted to attract different types of magnetic materials at different intensity levels. 

Magnetic chute separator

How Magnetic Separators Help Industrial Operations

Thanks to the use of a powerful magnet, a magnetic separator can separate magnetic materials from concentrate as well as steel filings and/or iron particles. Instead of a person getting down on the ground and trying to do the almost impossible job of separating out small particles, a separator, often in the form of a sweeper, can do the job and do it well.

With regards to industrial purposes, you could expect to find magnetic separators in chemical production plants, waste plants and liquid treatment plants. Furthermore, magnetic separators are used with handling equipment, conveyor belts, recycling equipment, and agricultural machinery. 

What are some advantages of magnetic separators? They’re powerful, portable and adjustable. They can remove various types of magnetic materials from a liquid or a solid. That said, they do require washing or cleaning in order to remove accumulated materials. And it’s important to oil moving parts. 

Separators come in many forms, including sweepers, drums, pulleys, grids, plates and bars. 

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