What are Conveyor Magnets?

Conveyor Magnets IPES International makes conveyor magnets that pick up (remove) ferrous steel and other magnetic materials from things you send along a conveyor belt operation. For instance, if you crush stone, recycle pallets, shred tires, or recycle plastics, conveyor magnets are the smart way to get magnetic stuff out of there during the crushing, screening and/or sorting processes.

Ferrous material gets drawn out from other stuff thanks to powerful conveyor magnets. Then, it collects into hoppers or onto the ground so you’ve got it all in one place. Some people take this waste and recycle it, earning some money for doing so.

Utilizing strong magnets, conveyors are meant for long-term, trouble free operation in a variety of industries where materials need to be sorted properly, and the ferrous material needs to be separated out from the rest. Obviously, this kind of thing would not easily be accomplished by human hands, but thanks to IPES International’s smart take on machinery and magnetic properties, conveyor magnets get the job done quickly and efficiently.

IPES International uses high-grade Ceramic-8A magnetic material, offering a lifetime warranty on the magnetic strength of its products. With stainless steel magnet housing and a self-cleaning mechanism available, IPES’ conveyor magnets are a quality addition to many factories all over the world.

IPES International can custom-design conveyor magnets for your industrial needs, paying special attention to belt width, belt speed, burden depth, and the size of recoverable ferrous materials. Call 1-877-781-4660 to talk with a representative today about IPES International’s conveyor magnets.