What Can A Conveyor Magnet Do For You?

Conveyor magnets No one likes taking out the trash. Rounding up household garbage, carrying heavy, often torn bags outside, and dragging those bulky totes down the driveway can be a cumbersome process.

 As much as people hate these types of tasks, they rarely imagine what it would be like if they were even more difficult. For example, what if everyone needed to pick through their trash and separate different types of material by hand? No one takes the time to be thankful for what they don’t have to do in the first place.

 If they did, much of that thanks would be directed to magnets. They are used every day to automate tasks so that we don’t have to do them by hand.

 Magnetic conveyors might be used at a recycling plant to separate metal from wood and plastic, or to pull potentially dangerous, sharp pieces of metal from scrap wood. They can also be used in the processing of shredded tires, to once again remove hazardous metal.

 The separator conveyor magnet hangs above the belt, pulling ferrous, metallic objects out of the burden. Our magnets are permanent, meaning they won’t need to be powered by an outside source.

 There are manual cleaning conveyor magnets, with which you’ll need to remove material from the magnet yourself. There are also self-cleaning conveyor magnets that transport the ferrous materials to another conveyor belt.

 The conveyor magnet one of those pieces of equipment that works behind the scenes of our daily lives, making life a little easier for everyone, from the tough, calloused industrial worker to the 12-year old taking out the family trash.

If your company is in need of a conveyor magnet, or any type of magnet for industrial use, contact IPES International today.