What Makes IPES Magnetic Sweepers Unique?

Magnetic Sweepers
Here at IPES International, we understand the need to set ourselves apart from other manufacturers. These days, choices are seemingly limitless, so we know we need to be firing on all cylinders to continue to earn the loyalty of our customers. When it comes to our magnetic sweepers, for example, we focus on a variety of factors to stay ahead of the competition.


As with any industrial tool, product quality is of the utmost importance. Our customers work tough jobs, demanding tools that can withstand constant wear and tear. That’s why we take an extra step in every level of production to make sure that our magnetic sweepers are solidly built and reinforced. For example, the end caps are welded on all of our cs models, and fitted, drilled, and secured with tension pins on aluminum models. Eyebolts are threaded and fork pockets are welded together and securely bolted to thick, inner steel frames.


We also understand that any given sweeper is only as useful and powerful as the magnet it employs. Ours use the highest level of magnetism possible for our purposes, Ceramic-8A magnets. Ceramic magnets are made of iron oxide and barium or strontium carbonate, and rated on a grade of 1 to 8, making our magnets the strongest ceramics available.


In addition to strength and durability, we also know that our magnetic sweepers need to be as safe to use as possible. They’re designed with this in mind, with bottom surfaces that are free of hazardous protrusions and possibilities of workplace injuries.


Of course, our customers also find comfort in the fact that our magnetic sweepers are made right here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the great US of A. We know how important it is to support American jobs, while maintaining the traditionally high level of quality craftsmanship we’ve come to be known by.


Now that you know what sets IPES magnetic sweepers apart, why would you settle for anything less?