What Separates IPES’ Magnetic Sweepers from Competitors

a href=”https://www.ipesmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/snippy-14.png” rel=”attachment wp-att-1148″>Magnetic Sweepers IPES International proudly makes magnetic sweepers in the USA. As a Pittsburgh, PA based company, IPES manufactures all of its TMRS series magnetic sweeper bars with a keen focus on superior quality, performance and durability. When you want the best magnetic sweepers on the market, IPES delivers.

Companies and industries need powerful, reliable and durable magnetic sweepers, so IPES builds sweepers using Ceramic-8A, the highest grade of magnetic material available. IPES understands that the highest level of magnetic power attainable in a sweeper of this type is what’s needed for daily, rigorous use in a variety of situations.

Some of the things IPES does to make its magnetic sweepers stand out from the competition include welding on end caps and trays on CS models so they will never fall out. Hinges are made so they’re quickly cleanable when needed. As for aluminum models, IPES pays special attention to end caps. They’re fitted, drilled and secured with tension pins so they don’t fall out– unlike some other brands.

Meanwhile, all eyebolts can easily be replaced if needed, as they’re threaded to the thick internal steel frame. Fork pockets are welded together and bolted to the threaded inner steel frame as well. Finally, the bottom of the magnet has a surface that’s free from any protrusions, so debris removal is safe and easy.

IPES International has set the industry standard for magnetic sweeper bars. Find out how IPES can meet your specific magnetic sweeper needs by emailing info@ipesmag.com or calling 412-781-4660 today.