What Types of Businesses Can Benefit From Using Magnetic Plates?

Magnetic PlatesMagnetic plates are generally used to keep tramp iron from contaminating other materials in a variety of processes. Tramp iron refers to stray metallic particles or objects that you would not want contaminating things like foodstuffs, animal feed or silage. Objects like staples, baling wire and nails are pulled from the materials put through a chute or on a conveyor belt by the magnetic plate, taking them out of “the mix.”

 IPES International of Pittsburgh is in the business of manufacturing high quality magnetic plates custom-made for different industries. For instance, if a factory is processing food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, wood or minerals, IPES’ magnetic plates serve a purpose by keeping materials free from tramp iron. These magnetic plates can also be used in tire and rubber recycling plants, on farms, and for shot recovery.

 Some practical uses for businesses would include keeping stray metallic objects out of the powders used in pharmaceutical pills, keeping metallic objects out of a machine that recycles papers or plastics, and keeping metallic objects out of food that will be fed to animals or humans.

 Obviously, it’s a lot better to have a magnetic plate do the work of separating tramp iron from materials, rather than having people constantly pick through materials by hand to remove pieces of stray “junk.” Furthermore, powerful magnetic plates can attract the tiny particles which otherwise would be ignored by human hands since they’re so small and perhaps unnoticeable.

 If you work in a place where you want to keep stray metallic objects out of “the mix,” contact IPES International today to ask about customized magnetic plates for your chutes and/or conveyor systems. IPES is at 1-877-781-4660 or info@ipesmag.com.