Why Attach a Magnetic Sweeper to a Forklift?

Magnetic Sweepers for Forklifts The forklift is the warehouse workers best friend. It takes care of the bulk of heavy lifting, and when operated skillfully it can make a job dramatically easier and much less dangerous. So why attach a magnetic sweeper to one? Why do customers continue to return to IPES International singing the praises of these wonderful devices? It turns out, there are more than a few reasons. Here’s why fitting your forklift with a magnetic sweeper can transform your warehouse—or other industrial area—into a model of efficiency.

Protecting Your Workers From Harm

A magnetic sweeper automatically lifts and removes many things from the floor of your facility. But the most important types of material this magnet attracts are those with sharp points and edges, like nails, screws and jagged metal. Your workers will thank you when they don’t have to be constantly on the lookout for potential workplace hazards. These days, safety is paramount in any industrial environment, and a magnetic sweeper will give you a little more peace of mind.

Improving the Bottom Line

When it comes to hazardous objects, it’s not just workers that need to be protected. Constant flat tires and damaged equipment can lead to enormous expenses, and a magnetic sweeper can go a long way towards limiting costly repairs. Your only expense is the magnetic sweeper, and most customers are thrilled that they won’t need to pay as many extra workers to clean up the facility.

Making Better Use of the Time at Hand

Magnetic sweepers don’t just automate a great deal of the cleaning in a work environment. They also work seamlessly while the forklift goes about its daily duties. You won’t need to set aside space and time for the operation of other equipment. In fact, once it’s attached, you’ll barely even notice the sweeper is there. Have we mentioned that they’re quite easy to empty of debris at the end of the day?

A New Level of Effectiveness

Some things are easier to get off the ground than others. Generally, the smaller a material is, the more difficult it is to remove and transport. The unique power of magnetism allows a sweeper to attract tiny, stubborn particles of things like shot. And magnetic sweepers will leave you with a “clean sweep” like you’ve never seen before. Since it goes everywhere your forklift goes, you’ll be left with a thoroughly cleaned facility at the end of the day.

If you’d like to learn more about what magnetic sweepers can do for your forklifts, and your business in general, contact IPES International today.