Why Drum Magnets Are a Worthwhile Investment

With December on its way, chances are you’ll be hearing “The Little Drummer Boy” on the radio this holiday season. Speaking Drum Magnets of drums, IPES International makes magnetic drum separators. These big boy toys– well, ok, they’re not toys, per se–do the efficient job of extracting ferrous material from dry, bulk products running through free-flowing processing systems.

Drum magnets from IPES are made of either Ceramic-8A or Rare Earth Neodymium magnetic material. Enclosed in a non-magnetic, stainless-steel drum, the powerful magnet works on your behalf to sort your materials properly.

A magnetic drum separator has the product flow fall onto the top and across the surface of the drum. Ferrous matter in the flow is drawn to the drum’s surface and held against it thanks to the magnet inside. Non-ferrous items fall from the side of the drum, while the ferrous material gets rotated to the side opposite the product flow. In the adjusted position, the magnetic field is lessened, allowing the ferrous material to fall from the drum into a collection container.

magnetic drum separators If you have an industrial process where you need purified product, free of tramp metal, IPES International can custom-design and install high quality magnetic drum separators at your plant to improve overall work flow. Drum separators are used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and mineral processing plants, as well as other industries.

IPES can supply drum separators as “the drum only” or as “a complete assembly with the housing and drive included,” depending on your specific needs. A variety of sizes and strengths are available for many applications.

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