Why Retrieving Magnets Are Ideal For Boaters and Anglers

Lifting-magnetHas this ever happened to you? You’re fishing out on the lake, and accidentally drop your tackle box or fishing rod into the water? If the water is murky, good luck finding your stuff.

You could send a diver deep into the water to look for lost items, or, better yet, you could use retrieving magnets, which are heavy-duty magnets that will attract any ferrous metal objects that may fall into deep water, wells or holes.

IPES International makes retrieving magnets that can pick up anywhere from 150 pounds to 500 pounds of underwater stuff, like tackle boxes and fishing rods.

Boaters, fishermen, and dock owners can benefit from using retrieving magnets to find and bring to the surface things like lost equipment, keys, tools, fishing tackle and other metal objects.

Even “treasure hunters” might like to use retrieving magnets on their search for valuable coins underwater. Let the magnets do the work for you.

Retrieving magnets work like glue, and when you get your item(s) out of the water, you just twist and pull the item(s) off the magnet. Many users are amazed at the number of objects their magnets retrieve, and how strong the magnets are.

IPES International’s magnet collection features grade 8A ceramic magnets, high-power pole configuration, thick pole shoes for maximum holding power, and three sizes and strengths to fit many applications. Designed to last a lifetime, IPES’ retrieving magnets are strong and durable, and useful to anyone who wants to find metal objects underwater.