Will a Magnetic Sweeper Pick It Up?

Magnetic SweepersSince their invention, magnetic sweepers have proven to be a time saver, a money saver, and sometimes even a lifesaver. The tool is a perfect example of workers harnessing the power of nature to make a job much, much easier. Due to the nature of magnetism, the objects that can be swept up are limited, and it’s important to know what can and can’t be “swept up” by the handy tool.

Let’s start with the science. Substances that carry a strong enough magnetic force to be easily attracted to magnets are referred to as ferromagnetic, the most common of which are metals like iron, nickel, and cobalt. In addition, some natural minerals and rare earth alloys are also ferromagnetic.

In a more practical sense, magnetic sweepers will attract a wide variety of small metallic objects, including common materials like nails, tacks, screws, loose wires, staples and metal shavings. The list goes on and on. Because construction sites are littered with so many of these things, especially after a big job, magnetic sweepers are extremely useful in cutting down on labor costs and making sure an area is thoroughly cleared of debris.

Magnetic sweepers prove even more useful when used to sweep up very small, metallic particles. A good example of this is blast shot, which might otherwise require hours of traditional sweeping.

These materials have more in common with one another than the fact that they are all magnetic. Many of them are also sharp, abrasive, and potentially very dangerous. They can cost a great deal of money in the case of equipment damage, like flat tires. They also present a liability issue in safety sensitive areas like children’s playgrounds.

There’s one more type of item that magnetic sweepers can attract: precious metallic valuables. For example, a magnetic sweeper could pull an important key from the bottom of a body of water, or a cherished ring from a hard-to-search patch of brush.

At IPES International, we continue to find new applications for our magnetic sweepers, as well as ways to improve upon the old ones. If you’re interested in the time and money saving benefits of a magnetic sweeper, visit our website for more information today.