Industrial Strength
Magnetic Sweepers & Magnetic Separators

Ceramic, Rare Earth and Electromagnetic Separators



All industries will benefit from our high-power magnetic separators. Our ceramic, rare earth and electromagnetic separators will assure product purity.



Avoid costly down times, delays & damage to your vehicles, tires & equipment from tramp metal & foreign object damage, & protect your workplace.

Industrial Strength Magnets and Electromagnets
for Magnetic Separation and Cleanups

Welcome to IPES International Inc. We specialize in industrial strength lifting magnets used for a wide variety of manufacturing needs. Our magnetic division has designed some of the industry’s leading industrial strength magnetic equipment such as; hanging or suspended magnetic sweepers, push-type sweepers, towing magnetic sweepers, handheld magnetic sweepers, magnetic separators, forklift magnets, retrieving magnets and more. We provide the BEST in industrial magnetic equipment that will last for years!  We embrace lean manufacturing as an operating principle in every facet of our business, which results in lower costs and shorter lead times for our customers without reducing quality.
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IPES Magnets proudly made in USA
IPES Magnets proudly made in USA
IPES Magnets proudly made in USA
High Quality Industrial Conveyor Magnets

An Industry Leader

IPES International is an industry leader in manufacturing and supplying high-quality, industrial strength magnetic separation & magnetic sweeper equipment for many applications in a vast number of industries. Located in Pittsburgh, PA, we have the experience & knowledge to help obtain the magnet needed. From separators such as; magnetic plates, grates, tubes, drawers, chutes, drums, head pulleys, & crossbelt conveyor magnets, to magnetic sweepers such as; tow-behind or mounted forklift magnets, rolling magnetic brooms...
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Avoid Nails using IPES Magnetic Sweeps

Don't Get Nailed!

When it comes to magnetic sweepers, no one compares to IPES International. We custom fabricate magnetic sweepers to fit all industrial equipment for a safe and sound working environment. Whether you need a fixed magnetic sweeper secured on the back of your forklift or a durable tow behind magnet that will be universal for multiple equipment, we have exactly what you’re looking for. Magnetic sweepers cannot only create a safer work environment, but will cut down your preventative maintenance budget by collecting unwanted tramp metal from surfaces.
Custom Manufactured Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper

Improve Your Production

We build some of the most powerful magnetic separators to help speed up productivity and purify the end product. Our magnets are some of the strongest in the industry, handling weights from 500 to 3000 pounds to ensure maximum hold for any need. All of our magnetic separators will ensure the quality and purity of your finished product. Whether you are looking for an electro magnet or a permanent ceramic, or rare earth magnet, we have exactly what you need. Our specially designed sweepers remove unwanted ferrous metals from causing damage or injury resulting in production downtime.
IPES International, Inc.