Crossbelt Self-Clean & Manual Clean Electromagnetic Separators

It can be challenging for those who work in scrap yards, recycling centers, coal processing plants, and other industrial facilities to separate ferrous metals from other materials when the need should arise. IPES International, Inc. can simplify the process by providing companies with crossbelt electromagnets and magnetic conveyor belts that are designed to help them screen, separate, and sort ferrous metals. You can upgrade your sorting, recycling, crushing, and disposing processes by utilizing suspended separation magnetics in your facility. We carry overheard separation magnets in a wide range of sizes and strengths and can help you select the magnet that would be best for your facility based on how you plan to use it.

What Is an Overhead or Suspended Separator Magnet?

An overheard or suspended separation magnet is a magnet that sits over the top of a conveyor belt and separates ferrous metals from other materials. Using crossbelt and inline electromagnets like the ones that are available through IPES International, Inc. will make your facility more efficient and keep your costs down by making it easy for your employees to separate ferrous metals from other materials without having to do it manually. Overhead magnetic separators will allow you to collect ferrous metals from your company’s conveyor belts quickly so that you can recycle or dispose of them the right way with very little effort on your part. IPES International, Inc. can also offer you other products like magnetic head pulleys that can assist you with this process.

There are many ways in which companies can use suspended magnetic separation to their advantage. In the past, we’ve lent a hand to those companies that specialize in mining, crushing, shredding, recycling, processing, and more. Call IPES International, Inc. at 877-781-4660 to get a quote for our crossbelt electromagnets, electromagnetic conveyor belts, and other products.


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