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“Don’t Get Nailed!”

Do you want to make sure that there aren’t a bunch of nails, screws, and other sharp metal objects scattered around your company’s parking lot where they could cause damage to the tires on vehicles and the vehicles themselves? Alternatively, would you like to prevent small pieces of scrap metal from lingering around on your warehouse’s floor and becoming a hazard? If so, IPES International, Inc. can supply you with the magnetic sweepers and magnetic brooms that you need to pick up everything from tiny metal fragments to large metal tools from almost any surface. We carry a wide range of products that will pick up metal objects, including magnetic sweepers with wheels, hanging forklift magnets, tow-behind magnetic sweepers, magnetic floor sweepers, and mounted magnetic sweeper attachments.

Types of Magnetic Sweeper Equipment Available

We have many types of magnetic sweepers and magnetic sweeper attachments available. If you don’t see something on our site, please contact us directly and we can accommodate your request.

  • Bumper Suspended Magnetic Road Sweepers
  • Fork Lift Magnetic Sweepers
  • Tow Behind Magnetic Sweepers
  • Magnetic FOD Sweepers
  • Magnetic Brooms
  • Yard Magnets
  • Yard Truck Magnets
  • Spotter Magnets
  • Mule Magnets
  • Capacity Magnets
  • Tico Magnets
  • Ottawa Magnets
  • Bar Magnets
  • Suspended Magnets
  • Bumper Suspended Magnets
  • Magnets Sweeper Bars

Below are some of our most common requested products

Magnetic Rolling / Push Type Sweepers & Brooms

TMPB1 Standard Magnetic Broom

Standard Magnetic Brooms

High Grade Ceramic 8 & Ferrite Magnets with Quick Clean Tray Standard Magnetic Brooms are the easiest and most reliable method for keeping your workplace clean and safe. IPES International specializes in magnetic brooms and magnetic sweepers to keep tramp metal and magnetic debris from endangering your worksite.

Deluxe Magnetic Brooms

Deluxe Magnetic Brooms

Rolling Magnet Sweeper with Handle Release These high power magnetic brooms makes it easy to clean parking lots, warehouse floors, construction sites and other worksites and prevent damage or harm from foreign object damage (FOD). TMPB2 deluxe magnetic brooms are fast and easy to use and can secure your worksite or parking lot easily with a few simple sweeps.

Tow Behind & Towing Type Magnetic Sweepers

Tow Behind Magnetic Sweepers

TMRS1 Standard Strength & TMRS2 Super Strength Tow Behind Magnets. Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper, Magnetic Nail Sweeper & Pickup Tools Make cleaning the parking lot of your factory floor a seamless task. Our tow behind magnetic sweepers are available in either a standard or super strength configuration, depending on your particular needs.

Industrial Tow Behind / Super-Duty FOD Sweeper Magnet

Heavy Duty Pull Behind FOD Magnets Prevents Foreign Object Damage & Avoids Costly Tire and Equipment Repairs. FOD magnets extract tramp metal, screws, nails, springs, shards and other pieces that can get lost across the parking lot, terminals, runways, thereby eliminating the risks to your equipment and staff.

Hanging & Suspended Type Magnetic Sweepers

Hanging / Suspended Type Magnetic Sweeper For Forklifts

Whether it be an airport, a spacious parking lot or any business where unwanted tramp metal may appear, it’s likely that you clean debris from the ground each and every day. When the debris is a sharp item such as a nail or scrap metal, the debris could could cause flat tires or even worse, could put your employees, customers or visitors at a safety risk

Mounted Type Magnetic Sweepers For Forklifts

Keep the warehouse clean, safe and debris free with the use of a mounted forklift magnetic sweeper. Ensure nails, scrap metal, screws and more are picked up as your forklift operator is moving around doing his job. at the end of the day, remove the magnetic sweeper and clean off the scraps and debris for easy disposal in your work environment.

What Is a Magnetic Sweeper?

The concept behind the various magnetic sweepers and brooms available through IPES International, Inc. is simple. When you take a magnetic sweeper or broom and run it over the surface of a parking lot, a warehouse floor, a construction site, or another work area, it’ll lift any metal objects off the ground and allow you to deal with them accordingly. You can use everything from a basic magnetic floor sweeper or a magnetic sweeper with wheels to a hanging forklift magnet or a tow-behind magnetic sweeper to clear an area of metal. The magnetic sweepers and brooms from IPES International, Inc. have found a home in many industries in recent years and can really come in handy for those who are forced to constantly pick up nails, scrap metal, and more by hand.

Benefits of Using Magnetic Sweepers

When you invest in magnetic sweepers and brooms, you’ll enjoy a long list of benefits. For starters, you can make any work site significantly safer by running a magnetic floor sweeper over it. You won’t have to worry about sharp metal debris causing injuries in one of your work areas. You also won’t have to be concerned about metal objects doing damage to any of the equipment that you and your employees use. Additionally, products like our magnetic sweepers with wheels make cleanup jobs so much easier since they give you a chance to pick up metal scraps and other metal items from your work site in a hurry. You can also avoid throwing out perfectly good nails, screws, tools, and other metal objects that you might be able to reuse or repurpose.

Do you want to find out more about how magnetic brooms and sweepers from IPES International, Inc. might be able to help your company? Call us at 877-781-4660 with any questions you might have about our magnetic floor sweepers, hanging forklift magnets, and other products.