Rolling Sweepers & Push Brooms

If you’re tired of trying to keep your parking lot, your warehouse, your construction site, or another area free of sharp metal objects like nails, screws, and more, IPES International, Inc. has a solution for you. We carry a number of magnetic push broom sweepers and rolling magnetic sweepers that will get the job done and make your life easier. Our high-powered push broom sweeper magnets and rolling sweeper magnets can be used to pick up a wide range of metal objects from just about any surface. By simply running one of our push brooms or rolling sweepers over a work area, you can clean up metal debris and prevent it from causing injuries to your employees or doing damage to your equipment.

What Is a Rolling Magnetic Sweeper or Push Broom Sweeper?

Whether you choose to use one of our standard magnetic push brooms or one of our deluxe rolling magnetic sweepers, you’ll find that they both work in the same basic way: the sweepers we produce at IPES International, Inc. are equipped with high-grade ceramic magnets that can pick up almost any metal objects, no matter how big or small they might be. When you run a magnetic push broom sweeper or a rolling magnetic sweeper over a surface, it’ll lift metal objects from the ground and secure them until you’re ready to either dispose of them or put them into a safe place so that they can be reused later. In addition to having powerful magnets, our rolling magnetic push brooms and sweepers also have heavy-duty wheels that are durable enough to be used on everything from concrete and asphalt to gravel and even grass. They feature a sturdy all-aluminum construction as well.

Our Magnetic Rolling Sweeper & Magnetic Push Broom Models

We offer a variety of models for you to choose from if you’re interested in investing in rolling magnetic sweepers and magnetic push broom sweepers. Our four standard models are our TMPB-24, TMPB-36, TMPB-48, and TMPB-60. Our three deluxe models, meanwhile, are our TMPB2-24, TMPB2-36, and TMPB2-48. Our team can help you pick out the right model based on your specific needs and the industry in which you work.

The standard magnetic push broom sweepers from IPES International, Inc. are the easiest and most reliable sweepers available today. Outfitted with Ceramic-8 magnets, they make it easy to clean up any worksite within just minutes. Whether you’re picking up metal inside or outside, a standard push broom magnet will get the job done quickly and keep your worksite safe. They have quick-clean trays that will allow you to dispose of metal in no time.

If you’re looking to pick up metal objects strewn about on a slightly larger work area, you might benefit from using a deluxe magnetic push broom sweeper from IPES International, Inc. as opposed to one of our standard models. They have a convenient handle release mechanism built into them that will give you an opportunity to dump any metal objects that accumulate on your rolling sweeper magnets in a simple motion.

Touch base with IPES International, Inc. today to find out more about our standard magnetic push broom sweepers and our deluxe rolling magnetic sweepers. Call 877-781-4660 to order the one that will suit your worksite best.