Rare Earth Magnetic Tubes & Rods

If your company is searching for an efficient and cost-effective way to perform magnetic separation during the processing of your materials or products, industrial strength magnetic tubes and industrial strength magnetic rods will do the trick. The neodymium magnetic tubes and rods from IPES International, Inc. are designed to remove metal contamination from materials and as they pass over or through them. Our stainless steel tube magnets are extremely durable and can be welded into place in your equipment to ensure that they’re able to do their jobs and prevent ferrous metals from mixing in with your materials and products.

Made With Strong Neodymium or Ceramic/Ferrite Magnets in a Stainless Steel Tube

The industrial strength magnetic tubes and industrial strength magnetic rods that are available through IPES International, Inc. contain either strong neodymium or ceramic/ferrite magnets. This enables them to collect any and all metal contamination that comes their way. Our neodymium magnetic tubes and our stainless-steel tube magnets can be put to good use by those in countless industries. Whether you work in the food processing industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the recycling industry, or the agricultural processing industry, we can provide you with the magnetic tubes and rods that your company needs.

Magnetic Tube Model #Tube Length (In)Approz. Weight (Lbs)

New or Replacement Tubes or Rods Can Be Used in The Following Magnetic Equipment & Housing:

Magnetic Grates

One of the ways that companies utilize the industrial strength magnetic tubes and rods from IPES International, Inc. is by using them as part of magnetic grates. These grates can be placed across chutes, hoppers, drawers, and bins. As your materials or products pass through a grate, the neodymium magnetic tubes in it will collect metal contamination and hold it in place until you can come along and dispose of it properly. IPES International, Inc. can customize magnetic grates for your company and use our stainless steel tube magnets to make them the right size and shape to ensure metals aren’t able to slip through the cracks.

Magnetic Drawers & Bins

While magnetic chutes and hoppers are an excellent option for those looking to perform magnetic separation in a variety of industries, magnetic drawers and bins are another great choice. Magnetic drawers contain offset magnetic grates designed to collect tramp metal from products that pass through them. These grates are staggered to ensure that every part of a product passes over the grates on the way down. Our magnetic drawers and bins contain grates that consist of neodymium magnetic tubes that are strong enough to stop metal from passing through with your products. They’re an invaluable resource for those in the pharmaceutical industry, the tire and rubber recycling industry, the food processing industry, and more.

Do you need to find the right industrial strength tubes and rods for your company’s metal separation equipment? Call IPES International, Inc. at 877-781-4660 for more information.