Magnetic Floor Sweeper & Brooms

Superior quality, performance and durability have made us an Industry leader in Magnetic Floor Sweepers.

IPES International builds powerful, reliable and long-lasting magnetic sweepers at an affordable price. The TMRS series magnetic sweeper bars are among the most popular models for keeping parking lots and work-sites clean, with a reinforced frame and powerful magnetic circuitry to give you years of consistent and dependable cleaning power.

Made With Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets

Our neodymium rare earth magnets for our sweeper attaches to forklifts, yard trucks and other service vehicles and continuous tramp metal protection as you go about your daily routine. Our magnetic brooms are built solid and resistant to weather extremes and tough terrain, giving you the highest level of magnetic power attainable in a magnetic floor sweeper, while withstanding the rigors of daily use. We use powerful ceramic-8A magnets to make sure all tramp metal and hazardous pieces of ferrous debris are retrieved.

All of our TMRS magnetic sweepers are made in the USA and constructed to suit the most demanding jobs and industries. Contact us to find a sweeper for your parking lot or job-site and place an order.

CS Magnetic Metal Pickup Tool

All end caps on CS models are welded on and will NEVER fall out. Hinges for Quick Clean Tray are also welded on CS models

Strong Aluminum Magnetic Sweeper

All end caps on Aluminum models are fitted, drilled and secured with tension pins making them virtually impossible to fall out. Unlike some other brands.

Steel Frame Magnetic Sweepers

All eyebolts are threaded to the thick internal steel frame making replacement easy if one should become damaged.

Forklift with Magnetic Sweeper

The entire bottom magnet surface is smooth and free of any protrusions making debris removal safe and easy.

Forklift Pockets for Magnetic Sweepers

Fork pockets are welded together using 1/4″ mild steel and securely bolted to threaded inner steel frame.

Cleaning with Magnetic Sweeper

This is a TMRS2-60 with Fork pockets snapping up nails at 5″ from ground

All of our TMRS Series Magnetic Sweepers are proudly manufactured in the USA, here in our Pittsburgh, PA facility. Superior Quality, Performance and Durability have made us an Industry Leader in Magnetic Sweeper Bars!