About Our Magnetic Floor Sweeper
& Magnetic Brooms

Superior quality, performance and durability have made us an industry leader in Magnetic Floor Sweepers.

IPES International is renowned for providing high quality magnetic sweepers that last our clients for years to come. Our reliable, durable sweepers help clients with an array of needs, including but not limited to helping them keep their workspaces and parking lots free of metal debris that could lead to a host of issues. So should you consider investing in a magnetic sweeper?

What are magnetic sweepers?

If you have ferrous scrap metals such as barbed wire, iron chips, nails, nuts, screws, shavings, staples, or tacks on the ground and you don’t want to pick them up by hand (who does?!), then you should use a magnetic sweeper to do the job. Also known as a magnetic broom, the magnetic sweeper picks up ferrous scrap metals from construction areas, driveways, factory aisles, floors, loading docks, parking lots, and walkways. Want the job done conveniently, quickly, and safely? Then utilize a magnetic sweeper to pick up stuff and dispose of it properly.

Specifically, IPES International offers TMRS-series magnetic sweepers that are the strongest sweepers, guaranteed. Designed for heavy-duty work, with maximum durability and the highest possible power attainable for this type of magnetic sweeper, IPES’ TMRS-series magnetic sweepers include the TMRS1-36 and the TMRS2-36. When you need a heavy duty magnetic broom, we’ve got you covered.

IPES’ TMRS-Series magnetic sweepers works well mounted on the counterweight of a forklift, airport tug and bumpers of virtually any vehicle.  IPES Magnetic Sweepers have proven to be very popular with airlines and airport ground crews who use it to prevent costly foreign object damage. See below for a list of all our options.

The magnetic sweeper is always working while the vehicle goes about its daily routine. Meanwhile, the TMRS2-Series Super Strength magnetic sweepers, which are 60% stronger, are industrial strength that are perfect for grass, gravel, dirt or any uneven or broken terrain.

Magnetic Sweeper Options from IPES International:

  • Bumper Suspended Magnetic Road Sweepers
  • Fork Lift Magnetic Sweepers (counterweight mounted or fork mounted)
  • Tow Behind Magnetic Sweepers (heavy duty industrial strength tow behind magnets)
  • Magnetic FOD Sweepers (push tug mounted magnets to prevent FOD on runways and terminals)
  • Magnetic Brooms (great for workplaces to prevent injury or damage from tramp metal)
  • Yard Magnets
  • Yard Truck Magnets
  • Spotter Magnets
  • Mule Magnets
  • Capacity Magnets
  • Tico Magnets
  • Ottawa Magnets
  • Bar Magnets
  • Suspended Magnets
  • Bumper Suspended Magnets
  • Magnets Sweeper Bars

What are the benefits of magnetic sweepers?

By utilizing powerful magnetic sweepers made with high-grade Ceramic 8A magnetic material, you can avoid costly downtime, delays and flat tires since you won’t have to worry about foreign object damage. IPES’ sweepers mount on forklifts, push tugs, yard truck and other maintenance vehicles. Available with optional fork pockets, skid wheels and quick clean trays, they’re versatile and can handle recovering tramp metal from a variety of surfaces, including grass, gravel and dirt. Ultimately, they will make cleanup time so much easier, help your bottom line by finding important tools that may have been left behind, and will prevent punctures to tires or persons that could harm employees and customers alike.

Sweepers Made With High Grade Ceramic-8 Magnets

Magnetic Sweepers

Our Heavy-Duty Magnetic Sweepers attach to attach to forklifts, yard trucks and other service vehicles and continuous tramp metal protection as you go about your daily routine. Our magnetic brooms are built solid and resistant to weather extremes and tough terrain, giving you the highest level of magnetic power attainable in a magnetic floor sweeper, while withstanding the rigors of daily use. We use powerful ceramic-8A magnets to make sure all tramp metal and hazardous pieces of ferrous debris are retrieved.

Some of the things IPES does to make its magnetic sweepers stand out from the competition include welding on end caps and trays on CS models so they will never fall out. Hinges are made so they’re quickly cleanable when needed. As for aluminum models, IPES pays special attention to end caps. They’re fitted, drilled and secured with tension pins so they don’t fall out– unlike some other brands.

Meanwhile, all eyebolts can easily be replaced if needed, as they’re threaded to the thick internal steel frame. Fork pockets are welded together and bolted to the threaded inner steel frame as well. Finally, the bottom of the magnet has a surface that’s free from any protrusions, so debris removal is safe and easy.

When used between 3 and 5 inches from the ground, and driven at speeds between 3 and 7 miles-per-hour, IPES’ magnetic sweepers are extremely effective. They can be towed behind vehicles, and come in a variety of sizes and weights, from 45 pounds up to 200 pounds.

Basically, if you’re got ferrous material to pick up from a surface, IPES’ magnetic sweepers will do the job!

Contact IPES International in Pittsburgh today at 412-781-4660 to get a quote for your magnetic sweeper needs. Our sweepers are proudly made in the USA, right here in Pittsburgh, PA.

All of our TMRS Series Magnetic Sweepers are proudly manufactured in the USA, here in our Pittsburgh, PA facility. Superior Quality, Performance and Durability have made us an Industry Leader in Magnetic Sweeper Bars!