Rare Earth, Permanent &
Electromagnetic Separators

Does your company rely on magnetic separation equipment to remove metal contaminants from the materials you use during your production process? Whether you work with chemicals, plastics, grains, minerals, or something else entirely, you can benefit from the industrial strength magnetic separators available through IPES International, Inc. in a big way. We offer a wide range of magnetic separators, including agricultural separators, pharmaceutical magnetic separators, and so much more.

Our Industrial Strength Magnetic Separation Products

Magnetic Chutes

Magnetic Chutes

Chute Magnets for Separation Chute Magnets available in Ceramic-8 or Ferrite Rare Earth Magnetic chute separators are ideal for extracting ferrous tramp metal from high-volumes of dry product flowing vertically through a chute. Each unit…

Magnetic Drawers

Magnetic Drawers

Magnetic drawer-in-housing units utilize two or more levels of offset magnetic grates to redirect product as it flows through the housing. Redirection of product causes it to slow down as it winds through the magnetic grates. This increases amount…

Magnetic Drums and Drum Separators

Permanent Drum Magnets Made With Ceramic 8A and Rare Earth Magnet Material Magnetic drum separators efficiently and completely separate iron-based material from dry, bulk products. Using a free-flowing processing system, plastic, non-magnetic…

Magnetic Head Pulleys

Magnetic Head Pulley For Separation Made With Ceramic 8A or Rare Earth Magnets IPES International has helped businesses in a wide range of industries by providing them with the right industrial magnet for their needs. We offer a wide range of…

Magnetic Plates

Magnetic plates are designed to filter ferrous metals from chutes, conveyors, and other free-falling applications. A plate magnet is a great alternative to magnetic grates when companies need to remove metals from materials that are clumpy, moist, or…

Magnetic Tubes & Grates

Are you searching for a simple way to remove metal contamination from materials that your company uses or products that your company produces? Installing grate magnets from IPES International, Inc. is one of the most optimal ways to gain control over…

Suspended Electromagnets

It can be challenging for those who work in scrap yards, recycling centers, coal processing plants, and other industrial facilities to separate ferrous metals from other materials when the need should arise. IPES International, Inc. can simplify the…

Suspended Permanent
Conveyor Magnets

Would you like to start separating ferrous metals from other materials in your industrial facility without wasting power in the process? Permanent conveyor magnets from IPES International, Inc. are going to be your best option. In the past, sorting through…

What Are Magnetic Separators?

Magnetic separators are devices used to eliminate metal contaminants that are found in many of the materials used to make everything from food to medications. We offer a variety of industrial strength magnetic separators that can be utilized by those in a wide range of industries. Some of our top options include grate magnets, magnetic chutes, magnetic drawers, magnetic plates, conveyor magnets, suspended electromagnets, and more. We also carry industry-specific magnetic separators like our agricultural magnetic separators and our pharmaceutical magnetic separators, and we have products for those who work in industries like pipeline construction, chemical processing, pallet recycling, manufacturing, mineral processing, and more.

What is Electromagnetic Separation?

Electromagnetic separation is a process that uses electromagnets in order to separate magnetic materials from nonmagnetic ones. Electromagnetic separation has been used in scrapyards for decades, but it has also found a home in many other industries in recent years. IPES International, Inc. can supply your company with magnetic separators capable of performing electromagnetic separation within your facility.

What Are Magnetic Separators Used For?

Companies throughout the country have discovered all kinds of ways to put the industrial magnetic separators from IPES International, Inc. to good use. Recycling centers often use them to separate steel and aluminum cans from other waste. Those in the mining industry use them to stop tramp metal from doing damage to crushers and other processing equipment. What’s more, many food processing plants have turned to magnetic separators and processes like electromagnetic separation to stop tiny metal fragments from working their way into food and beverage products.

Are you interested in investing in industrial strength magnetic separators for your company’s facility? IPES International, Inc. can speak with you about our agricultural magnetic separators, our pharmaceutical magnetic separators, and the other magnetic separators that we have available. Call 877-781-4660 to learn more about them.