Standard Push Broom Magnet

Rolling Type Magnetic Pickup Sweeper

Standard Magnetic Push Brooms with wheels are the easiest and most reliable method for keeping your workplace clean and safe. IPES International specializes in magnetic push broom pick up tools and rolling, push style sweepers to keep tramp metal and magnetic debris from endangering your worksite. This magnetic sweeper for picking up nails can come with a quick-clean tray to provide exceptional durability and effortless cleaning power for any worksite.

Model Options For Standard Magnetic Push Broom

We Offer The Highest Level Of Craftsmanship and Product Performance.

Our Sweepers Will Out-Perform and Out-Last The Others.

Model Width Weight
TMPB-24 24” 20 lbs.
TMPB-36 36” 30 lbs
TMPB-48 48” 40 lbs.
TMPB-60 60” 50 lbs

Highlights of the Standard Magnetic Push Broom

Made With High-Grade Ceramic 8 & Ferrite Magnet

Our high grade ceramic 8 / ferrite magnets for sale provide powerful magnetism and coverage across the area, from concrete to asphalt, even gravel and grass. With four different sizes and weights, you can choose the coverage that you need for the area, whether you have a small parking lot you want to keep safe for your customers or an expansive warehouse or service floor you want to secure for your equipment and staff. The durable steel construction, heavy-duty rubber solid tires and reinforced construction allows the magnetic broom to withstand heavy abuse indoors and outdoors, providing years of magnetic coverage for your lot or floor.

Specializing in high-performance, industrial-grade and military-strength magnets for any application, IPES International delivers the highest level of craftsmanship and product performance. Take a look at the standard magnetic broom models available and contact us to place an order, including magnetic rakes, magnet brooms for nails and more!