Rare Earth & Ceramic 8
Magnetic Head Pulley

Magnetic Head Pulley For Separation

IPES International has helped businesses in a wide range of industries by providing them with the right industrial magnet for their needs. We offer a wide range of industrial magnets, including head pulleys to be installed in a conveyor system. Our pulley head magnets are either comprised of Ceramic 8A or Rare Earth magnets and can be used on a conveyor system to sort or separate metal items as needed and to protect equipment and product purity.

Made With Ceramic 8A or Rare Earth Magnets

When on a conveyor, the magnet will hold ferrous metal shavings to the surface of the belt face as product is dispensed off the belt. As it travels to the underside of the belt, it moves past the magnet and is dropped away from the product ultimately separating the two.

Magnetic Head Pulley Cylinder

Benefits of Magnetic Head Pulley Replacements

There are several benefits to utilizing a magnetic head pulley, including the fact they help eliminate delays or stoppages, which will help make your operations more efficient. Let’s take a look at the applications magnetic head pulleys can be used for, and the different types of features they possess.

Magnetic Pulley Applications (but not limited to):

  • Wood & Plastic Recycling
  • Crushed or Broken Stone
  • Processing at MRF’s
  • Pallet Recycling
  • Shredded Tire Processing
  • Glass Recycling
  • Portable Crushing Plants

Highlights of Our Magnetic Head Pulley

Our magnetic head pulleys are uniquely designed to help industrial businesses remove tramp metal from products traveling on a conveyor belt. When product reaches the magnetic pulley, the unwanted tramp metals are safely retained and discarded into a separate container to ensure the product comes out clean.

At A Glance Highlights:

  • Flat or Crowned Pulley Face
  • Four Available Hub Styles: Recessed Hubs, Flush Hubs, Extended Hubs, or No Hubs
  • Smooth or Lagged Surface
  • Fixed Shaft or No Shaft
  • Precision Machined Keyways
  • Taper Locks and Set Screws
  • Offered in Rare Earth Neodymium or Ceramic-8

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