Permanent Suspended Magnets & Suspended Electromagnets

Suspended Electromagnets & Permanent Suspended Magnets Are Available In A Variety Of Sizes & Strengths To Fit Many Applications

Magnets Are Sized Based On Application Evaluation
(i.e. belt width, belt speed, burden depth, size of tramp ferrous)

Suspended Magnetic Separators For Crossbelt or Overband Conveyor Separation Application

IPES International specializes in conveyor belt magnets for a wide variety of industries for heavy materials and tough jobs. Electromagnetic and permanent conveyor magnets are suspended overhead magnets, or crossbelt magnets, specially designed for removing ferrous steel, or materials that contain iron and often used in industries that need to prevent damage during sorting, crushing and shredding, such as mining, quarry, aggregate, demolition, tire shredding, recycling centers, wood chipping, pulp & paper creation, coal processing, scrap yards, slag processing, power generation, construction and more.

Suspended Magnets Highlights:


  • Ten Year Warranty Against Coil Burnout
  • Four Pulley Design
  • Aluminum Coils w/Class H Insulation
  • Solid Steel Core
  • NEMA 4 Terminal Box (Other NEMA types available)
  • Explosion-Proof Configuration – Available
  • Stainless Steel Clad Belt – Available
  • Rectifier / Power Supply – INCLUDED

Permanent Magnets

  • Available in Rare Earth or Ceramic 8 Material
  • Hydraulic or Electric Drives
  • Designed for Suspension Heights Up-To 18in
  • Stainless Steel Swipe Arm (Available on Manual Clean Models)
  • New Lightweight Modular Design (Excellent for Portable Crushing, Chipping or Shredding Systems)
  • Custom Configurations Available

Suspended Electromagnets

It can be challenging for those who work in scrap yards, recycling centers, coal processing plants, and other industrial facilities to separate ferrous metals from other materials when the need should arise. IPES International, Inc. can simplify the…

Suspended Permanent
Conveyor Magnets

Would you like to start separating ferrous metals from other materials in your industrial facility without wasting power in the process? Permanent conveyor magnets from IPES International, Inc. are going to be your best option. In the past, sorting through…

Industry Applications for Crossbelt Electromagnetic Separators or Permanent Overhead Suspended
Conveyor Magnets

  • ⇒ Coal Processing
  • ⇒ Crushing Applications
  • ⇒ Shredding Applications
  • ⇒ Concrete
  • ⇒ Scrap Yard Recycling
  • ⇒ Slag Processing
  • ⇒ Tire Recycling
  • ⇒ Aggregate & Quarry
  • ⇒ Demolition
  • ⇒ Tire Shredding
  • ⇒ Recycling Centers
  • ⇒ Wood Processing
  • ⇒ Mining
  • ⇒ Construction
  • ⇒ Wood Chipping
  • ⇒ Pulp & Paper
  • ⇒ Coal Processing
  • ⇒ Scrap Yards
  • ⇒ Slag Processing
  • ⇒ Power Generation
  • ⇒ Asphalt Recycling