Food, Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industry Magnetic Separators

If you work in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry or the chemical industry, you know how important it is to have a plan in place for removing all ferrous metals from materials and products during processing. Failure to do this could prove to be catastrophic in some cases. IPES International, Inc. can prevent metals from working their way into your food, medicines and chemicals by supplying you with pharmaceutical and food grade magnetic separators that will eliminate metal contamination from your raw materials and end products.

Magnetic Chutes

Chute Magnets for Separation Chute Magnets available in Ceramic-8 or Ferrite Rare Earth Magnetic chute separators are ideal for extracting ferrous tramp metal from high-volumes of dry product flowing vertically through a chute. Each unit…

Magnetic Drawers

Magnetic drawer-in-housing units utilize two or more levels of offset magnetic grates to redirect product as it flows through the housing. Redirection of product causes it to slow down as it winds through the magnetic grates. This increases amount…

Magnetic Drums and Drum Separators

Permanent Drum Magnets Made With Ceramic 8A and Rare Earth Magnet Material Magnetic drum separators efficiently and completely separate iron-based material from dry, bulk products. Using a free-flowing processing system, plastic, non-magnetic…

Magnetic Tubes & Grates

Are you searching for a simple way to remove metal contamination from materials that your company uses or products that your company produces? Installing grate magnets from IPES International, Inc. is one of the most optimal ways to gain control over…

Food Grade Industry Magnetic Separators & Filters

Food and beverage manufacturers are supposed to be in the business of providing people quality products  Part of the process making sure that removing all impurities from them is through the use of a food grade magnetic separator or filter. We can provide you with the correct food grade magnetic separator that will remove fine ferrous contaminants that may have been introduced to the product during the processing system. This will leave your customer with a very pure product

Pharmaceutical Industry Magnetic Separators & Filters

Pharmaceutical companies are supposed to be in the business of helping people to feel better, not making them sick. Nevertheless, you could potentially be exposing your customers to contaminated medications if you’re not removing impurities from them through the use of pharmaceutical grade magnetic separators and filters. We can provide you with pharmaceutical magnets that will pull ferrous metals processing systems and stop them from getting mixed into your final products.

Chemical Industry Magnetic Separators & Filters

When processing chemicals, it’s essential for your company to make sure there aren’t any unexpected impurities mixed in with them. Outside of working with those in the pharmaceutical industry, IPES International, Inc. can also assist those in the chemical industry with their magnetic separation needs. We can provide your company with chemical industry magnetic separators and filters that will take metal contaminants out of your chemicals. Our powerful chemical magnets can make your chemicals purer overall when you’re finished processing them.

What Magnetic Products Work Well in the Food, Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industry?

There are many types of food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry magnetic separators available through IPES International, Inc. For these industries we offer grate magnets, plate magnets, magnetic drawer-in-housings and other types of food grade magnets.  We can walk you through your options and tell you which ones will be the most effective in your specific application based on your needs.

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