Industrial Tow Magnets & Commercial Pull Behind Magnetic Sweeper

TMRS1 Standard Strength & TMRS2 Super Strength Tow Behind Magnets

Tow Behind Magnet Mounted on a Pickup Truck

Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper, Magnetic Nail Sweeper & Pickup Tools

Make cleaning the parking lot of your factory floor a seamless task with a Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper from IPES International.

Renowned for their power and durability, our TMRS1 Standard Strength & TMRS2 Super Strength are made with a thick inner steel structure, and they throw a powerful magnetic field to ensure it grabs all scrap metal objects in its path. Please note, the Super Strength Model delivers 60% more power to ensure it can gather both the smallest and heaviest tramp metals!

Our tow behind magnetic sweepers are available in either a standard or super strength configuration, depending on your particular needs. The magnet’s clearance stands 3’’ from the ground, which ensures the product will be able to avoid potholes and cracks, but will still be able to scoop up any nails, screws, shards, springs or other objects that no one wants to see in their parking lot or on their plants or warehouse’s floors.

The TMRS1 Standard Strength and the TMRS2 Super Strength Tow Behind Magnetic Pickup Tools are available from 3 feet to 9 feet. For more information or to place an order, please call us at 412-781-4660 or click the “Get a Quote” button.

See magnet specs on our Magnetic Sweeper page.

Pickup Truck Magnetic Sweeper

Optional Quick Clean Tray –
Disconnect tow-bar from vehicle, rotate tow-bar 180 degrees (this will turn the magnet over), flip down the hinged tray and the collected debris falls at desired location.

Magnetic Tray on Forklift Magnetic Sweeper Tow TrayMagnetic Sweeper for Trucks Magnetic Road Truck Sweeper

Superior Quality, Durability and Performance….Guaranteed!!

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