Super Duty / High-Strength FOD
Tow-Behind Magnets

Prevent foreign object damage (FOD) and avoid costly tire and equipment repairs with heavy duty tow behind magnets from IPES International. FOD magnets extract tramp metal, screws, nails, springs, shards and other pieces that can get lost across the parking lot, terminals, runways, thereby eliminating the risks to your equipment and staff.

IPES International designs and manufactures industrial grade and military grade Tow Behind FOD magnetic sweepers for the toughest environments and the most demanding applications. With a variety of sizes and available, our Industrial, heavy duty tow-behind magnetic sweepers can cover expansive areas and tough environments with ease. Industrial tow-behind magnets are ideal for airport runways, large parking lots, city and rural roads, with highly-sensitive and durable magnets to pick up any stray objects.

Industrial Grade Tow/Pull Behind Magnets

  • Travel Speed – up to 30 mph.
  • Operating Speed – up to 15 mph.
  • Heavy-Duty, trailer type 14″, 4 ply pneumatic tires.
  • Designed for larger areas such as airport runways, large parking lots, city and rural roads, etc.
  • Large area’s can be quickly cleaned of ferrous metal debris caused by spills or accidents.
  • Flip magnets over and debris falls into convenient self-contained trays.
  • Two 3″ reflectors on front of unit.
  • Constructed of heavy gauge mild and stainless steel.
  • High Grade Ceramic-8A magnet material configured for highest magnetic output.
  • Available in 4ft., 6ft., and 8ft. sweeping widths.

If you are in need of heavy duty magnetic sweeper / tow behind magnets to cover large areas and keep tramp metal, screws, nails or other foreign object debris (FOD) from ruining your equipment, contact us today or request a quote by filling out the form to your right.

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