Neodymium or Ceramic Magnetic Plates

Plate Magnets

IPES International utilizes a wide range of magnet types and configurations to extract metals both large and fine from materials of all kinds. Magnetic plates including neodymium plate magnets are used in many different applications to remove residual metals and create a purified product.

Neodymium plate magnets are highly charged and focused so they are able to remove almost microscopic metal debris from the product flow. These powerful magnets are vital to purifying delicate or sensitive materials and can be used for nearly any substances, including pharmaceuticals and food-grade products. Plate magnets are designed to equip vibratory tables, conveyors and chutes, with welded enclosures to protect the magnets from contamination and hinged ends for easy cleaning. Plate magnets are available with flat surfaces, raised pole surfaces and ramp pole surfaces to best suit your process.

Ceramic-8A or Rare Earth-Neodymium

  • Designed for Vibratory Tables, Conveyors & Chutes.
  • High Grade Ceramic-8A or Rare Earth-Neodymium Magnet Material
  • Fully Welded Enclosure with S/S Face Plate
  • Hinged End for Easy Cleaning
  • Various Strengths & Sizes for Many Applications

Several Pole Configurations Available:

  • Flat Surface
  • Raised Pole Surface
  • Ramp Pole Surface
Neodymium Plate Magnets
Industrial Magnetic Plates

Magnetic Plate with Ramp Plates

Smooth Magnetic Plate

Magnetic Plate with smooth surface

We manufacture units for the following industries:

  • Food Processing Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Chemical Processing
  • Tire and Rubber Recycling
  • Wood Processing
  • Shot Recovery
  • Minerals Processing
  • …and many more

To have a plate magnet designed for your process, give us a call and tell us about your specifications. We will help you design an ideal model to suit your existing equipment and materials.

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