Magnetic Plates for Filtering Metal Out of Free-Falling Product

Industrial magnetic plates are designed to filter ferrous metals from chutes, conveyors, and other free-falling applications. A plate magnet is a great alternative to magnetic grates when companies need to remove metals from materials that are clumpy, moist, or abrasive since these materials can get stuck in grates and cause wear and tear to them. IPES International, Inc. offers several different magnetic plates for filtering made of high-grade ceramic-8 or rare earth neodymium magnet material. Your company can choose from flat surface plate magnets, suspended plate magnets, and magnetic plates with various pole configurations. Our plate magnets can be incorporated into your existing chute to capture tramp metal from your free flowing product stream.

Neodymium Plate Magnets

Ceramic 8A or Rare Earth Neodymium Industrial Plate Magnets

  • Designed for Vibratory Tables, Conveyors & Chutes.
  • High Grade Ceramic 8A or Rare Earth Neodymium Magnet Material
  • Fully Welded Enclosure with S/S Face Plate
  • Hinged End for Easy Cleaning
  • Various Strengths & Sizes for Many Applications

Suspended Conveyor Plate Magnets

If your company utilizes conveyors to process grains, dry chemicals, or food products, we offer suspended plate magnets for conveyors that can filter them. Our suspended plate magnets are made specifically to hang right over top of open conveyors. These magnetic plates for filtering will take any ferrous metal off your conveyor belts and prevent it from contaminating your materials or products.

Plate Magnets for Magnetic Chutes

Flat, Raised or Ramp Pole Plate Magnets

In addition to supplying our customers with suspended and flat or ramped pole plate magnets, IPES International, Inc. also carries Magnetic Chutes and Chute Magnets incorporating high power plate magnets that can be integrated into your existing system by replacing a section of the chute with a preassembled magnetic chute which will filter out metal contaminants leaving you with a very pure product. Our magnetic plates and chute magnets come in standard Ceramic8 or Rare Earth magnet material.

Pole Configurations

When purchasing magnetic plates for your company, you’ll have the option to choose from several different plate magnet configurations. IPES International, Inc. offers a flat surface magnet as well as raised pole surface filtering magnets and ramp pole surface magnetic plates for filtering. You can pick the right one for your company by considering what you’ll use your magnetic plates for.

Flat Surface

The flat surface magnet plates are the most basic type of magnetic plates. They allow for most materials and products to flow smoothly over them during processing, are great for collecting larger pieces of tramp metal

Raised Pole Surface

If you plan on using magnetic plates for a high flow application, raised pole surface magnetic plates might be a better option for you than the flat surface ones. Their raised poles are designed to trap ferrous metal and stop it from moving along with the rest of your products and materials. They’re an ideal solution for high-volume applications.

Ramp Pole Surface

Much like raised pole surface plate magnets, ramp pole surface magnet plates work well in facilities that deal with higher volumes of materials and products. They can trap and hold very fine ferrous metal contaminants during high flow applications.

We manufacture units for the following industries:

  • Food Processing Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Chemical Processing
  • Tire and Rubber Recycling
  • Wood Processing
  • Shot Recovery
  • Minerals Processing
  • …and many more

Whether you’re trying to find suspended plate magnets for conveyors, magnetic chutes or any type of plate magnet, IPES International, Inc. has what you need. Our plate magnets come in many strengths and sizes and are equipped with high-grade ceramic or neodymium magnets. Contact us at 877-781-4660 for more information on magnetic plates.