Permanent Self-Clean & Manual Clean Conveyor Magnets

Would you like to start separating ferrous metals from other materials in your industrial facility without wasting power in the process? Permanent conveyor magnets from IPES International, Inc. are going to be your best option. In the past, sorting through materials and removing ferrous metals from the mix has proven to be very challenging for those in a variety of industries. Notably, suspended conveyor magnets offer a simple solution for those looking to perform no-power magnetic separation. They’ll sit over top of your company’s conveyor belts and make it easy for you to process materials and remove metal contamination from them with very little effort on your part.

Permanent Manual Clean Suspended Conveyor Magnet

Once you have permanent conveyor magnets from IPES International, Inc. put into place over your conveyor belts, you won’t have to worry about any moving parts causing issues with them. You also won’t have to be concerned about providing your suspended conveyor magnets with power or performing any maintenance on them. As long as you pick out the right size and strength stationary conveyor magnet, it’ll be able to separate ferrous metals from nonferrous metals and other materials so you can dispose of them. It’ll help to protect your company’s machinery and make the sorting process so much easier.

Permanent Self-Clean Suspended Conveyor Magnet

If your company doesn’t make every effort to remove tramp metal from your conveyor belts during your sorting and separating process, it could end up doing damage to your equipment if you’re not careful. The permanent cross belt magnets available through IPES International, Inc. are designed to stop tramp metal in its tracks so that it doesn’t do any unnecessary damage to equipment down the line. The key is purchasing a permanent cross belt conveyor magnet that is the correct size and strength for your particular conveyor belt. It’ll make removing tramp metal from your conveyor belt a breeze and keep your entire operation running smoothly.

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