Grate Magnets & Magnetic Tubes or Rods

Neodymium Rare Earth & Ceramic-8 Magnets Made in the USA

Are you searching for a simple way to remove metal contamination from materials that your company uses or products that your company produces? Installing grate magnets from IPES International, Inc. is one of the most optimal ways to gain control over this process without putting in too much effort on your part. You can have our industrial grate magnets designed to fit across chutes, hoppers, drawers, and bins. This will allow your product stream to pass right through the grates while giving them the chance to catch any ferrous metals that are mixed up with your other materials. IPES International, Inc. can also supply you with individual magnetic tubes and magnetic rods that can be used in conjunction with your grate magnets to stop ferrous metals in their tracks.

Magnets for the Powder, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food Processing Industries

IPES International, Inc. has provided businesses in a wide range industries with grate magnets that helped improve their production processes. We carry magnets for the agricultural industry and food processing magnets as well as magnets for chemicals and magnets for pharmaceuticals and powders. We can customize our grate magnets and make them any size, shape, or strength so that they work for your company’s specific purposes once you put them into place. You’ll notice an improvement in your company’s efficiency levels and your overall production and product purity when you take advantage of our grate magnets.

Neodymium Magnetic Grates

Industrial Magnetic Tube Grates

Industrial magnetic grates, which are also commonly called either grate magnets or hopper magnets, can help you perform metal separation during your company’s production process. At IPES International, Inc., we can custom-make magnetic grates so that they fit over any bin, drawer, chute, or hopper. We can set you up with magnets for the agricultural industry as well as magnets for chemicals, powders and the food processing industries.

Rare Earth Food Grade Magnetic Tubes & Rods

The grate magnets you use to stop ferrous metals from getting mixed in with the rest of the materials in your products are only as good as the magnetic tubes and rods that are used to make them. IPES International, Inc. can provide you with magnetic tubes or grates that are extremely durable, powerful and built to last for a long time. They can be welded to the frame and polished to food grade specifications, or screwed in for simple replacement. They can also be customized to fit any size application you may have.

Reach out to IPES International, Inc. at 877-781-4660 to inquire about our grate magnets or our magnetic tubes and rods.