Forklift Mounted & Fork Pocket
Magnetic Sweepers

If you operate a warehouse, a manufacturing plant, or some other kind of industrial facility, you know how important it is to keep your floors free from metal. Nails, screws, springs, and other metal objects can wreak havoc in your facility if you let them. They can cause people to sustain injuries and leave your equipment damaged if you’re not careful. A forklift mounted magnet sweeper from IPES International, Inc. can prevent metal from building up on your floors. Your forklift operators can eliminate metal by hooking up a forklift mounted magnet sweeper and driving it around in your facility. The mounted sweeper will be powerful enough to pick up almost any metal objects that are in your way.

Magnet Pockets That Mount To Forks On Forklift

Our sweepers feature convenient pockets that allow a forklift operator to attach a mounted sweeper to a forklift in a matter of just seconds. You can find forklift mounted magnet sweepers with magnets that come in a wide range of sizes, from 24 inches wide all the way up to 108 inches wide. You also have the option of going with either a TMRS1 Standard Strength magnet or a TMRS Series Super Strength magnet depending on what you plan to pick up with your mounted forklift magnetic sweeper.

Forklift Mounted Magnets Pick Up Nails & Other Metal Debris While You’re Working

One of the best parts about using a forklift magnet mounted sweeper from IPES International, Inc. to collect loose metal from the floors in your facility is that your forklift operators can do it without putting in much work on their part. They can hook up a mounted sweeper and use it while they’re tackling other tasks in your facility. This will save your employees time while also making your facility much safer than it would be otherwise.

Types of Metal Debris That Can Be Picked Up By Mounted Forklift Magnetic Sweepers

When you start using a mounted forklift magnetic sweeper from IPES International, Inc. in your facility, you’ll be able to use it to pick up many types of metal debris. You can, of course, use it for the purposes of picking up nails, screws, and other metal objects. But a mounted sweeper will also be capable of picking up things like metal tools and tramp metal. You can prevent things like flat tires and foreign object damage by utilizing forklift magnet mounted sweepers in your facility daily.

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