Suspended or Fork Mounted Magnetic Sweepers Will Prevent FOD

Are you having a tough time preventing metal objects from building up on the floors in your industrial facility? Whether you operate a warehouse, a manufacturing plant, or some other kind of facility, you can’t afford to have sharp metal objects scattered around on the ground. They could cause your employees to sustain injuries and do damage to your equipment, also known as FOD or Foreign Object damage. Putting magnetic sweepers from IPES International, Inc. into place might be the perfect solution to your problem. Our hanging magnetic sweepers are great to mount to fork trucks, yard truck, spotters, airport tugs and will pick up metal objects from your work areas while the operators are driving around in your facility and help you keep your floors clear of metal objects.

What Are Hanging & Fork Mounted Magnet Attachments?

The hanging or fork mounted magnetic sweepers that are available through IPES International, Inc. are designed to hook right up to the counterweight of your forklifts, or slide directly onto the forks. They’ll sit just a few inches off the ground once they’re attached and will use powerful Ceramic-8 magnets to pick up any metal objects that they might come across while your operators are doing their routine jobs. Instead of asking your employees to manually pick up metal, you can count on our sweeper magnets to get the job done.

Choose Your Attachment Method

Hanging Vehicle or Forklift Sweeper

Magnetic Sweeper Mounted on an Airport Tug

Installing a metal debris pickup magnet for forklifts is easy enough to do as long as you work with a company like IPES International, Inc. while picking one out. We’ll help you find the specific suspended magnets for forklifts that you need for your facility based on the type of equipment that you’re using. Our TMRS 1 Standard Strength and TMRS2 Super Strength magnet models are designed to hang from the counterweights on most forklifts and will revolutionize the way that you and your employees use forklifts in your facility from now on.

Fork Mounted Forklift Sweeper

Magnetic Sweeper Mounted on a Forklift

One of the best parts about using a forklift magnet mounted sweeper from IPES International, Inc. to collect loose metal from the floors in your facility is that your forklift operators can do it without putting in much work on their part.  This will save your employees time while also making your facility much safer than it would be otherwise.

Benefits of Using a Hanging or Mounted Magnetic Sweepers

When you make the decision to have hanging or mounted magnets placed on your forklifts, fork trucks, yard truck, spotters and airport tugs, the biggest benefit of it will be that you won’t have to worry about metal objects scattered around on your floors and posing a threat to your employees and your equipment anymore. But that’s not the only benefit that you’ll enjoy. Our suspended magnetic sweepers will also prevent you from having to set up a specific team of people to clean up nails, screws, scrap metal, and more from your floors. You’ll be able to have your operators pick up metal from your floors without asking them to put in any additional effort on their part. You’ll notice a difference in the way your floors look in no time and make your facility infinitely safer than it was before by putting a hanging magnetic sweeper on every forklift, spotters, tractors, airport tugs, yard mules in your building, airport terminals and all work areas.

Start using the forklifts in your industrial facility to remove metal objects from your floors with the help of IPES International, Inc. In addition to providing hanging forklift magnetic sweepers, we also offer fork mounted magnetic sweeper attachments for other vehicles that are used in and around commercial and industrial buildings. Call IPES International, Inc. at 877-781-4660 to order one for your company.

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