Five Reasons Why Our Tow-Behind Magnetic Sweepers are Ideal For Your Industrial Business

When you’re running an industrial business, your equipment is among your greatest assets. Here are a few reasons why one of our tow-behind magnetic sweepers should be added to your arsenal right away.

There’s One For Every Job

We understand that your industrial business is one-of-a-kind. That’s why we offer three different sizes of our tow-behind magnetic sweepers. They come in 4ft., 6ft., and 8ft. sweeping widths, each of which excels in a different application.

They Clean Up With Power

At IPES International, these aren’t your grandpa’s magnets. Our tow-behind sweepers utilize high-grade ceramic-8A magnet material that is configured for the highest possible magnetic output. More power means less worry about what damaging or hazardous debris might have been left behind in the process.

Tow Behind Magnetic Sweepers

They’re Built For Harsh Settings

It’s not just the magnets that are strong. The sweepers themselves are super tough and built to last through anything thrown in their way. Our industrial-grade model is built with heavy gauge mild and stainless steel and heavy-duty, trailer type 14” tires. We even offer a military-grade option, constructed with heavy gauge carbon and stainless steel, with a reinforced frame to boot.

They Move Quickly

Just because these tow-behind magnetic sweepers are strong doesn’t mean they lag behind. The industrial sweeper can travel at 30 mph while the military one can get up to 55 mph. Both operate at a speed of 15 mph, which is brisk enough to cover expansive industrial distances in a short amount of time.

They’re a Smart Investment

Don’t think about tow-behind magnetic sweepers as another hulking piece of equipment that you need to find room in a warehouse for. Instead, appreciate the sweeper for what it does: keeping hazardous FOD, tramp metal, screws, nails, springs, and shards from damaging your equipment and harming your workers. The initial investment could end up saving you loads of money down the road.

If you’re interested in protecting your industrial business with a super duty tow-behind magnetic FOD sweeper, give IPES International a call today.